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Is there really such a thing as an average learner?

Is there really such a thing as an average learner?

Todd Rose, an expert in UDL, asks us to challenge our own assumptions and think about all our learners. Is there really such thing as an average learner?

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Are you starting to think about how your course needs an update? Perhaps you've taken a look at your course learning outcomes and realized they aren't quite up to par. Or you are developing a new course (GNED proposals, we're looking at you!). Beginning in March, C.A.F.E. will be offering a Course Outline Design series that will walk you through the various components of the course outline and curriculum alignment, as well as other topics like, including UDL and diversity into your class. There will be 4 sessions in total, and while they do follow a sequential path, you are free to take as many (or few) as you want.

These hybrid sessions are not yet in our training calendar, but if you have any questions, please get in touch with Shannon Webb.

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Week of February 13 to February 17

Week of February 20 to February 24

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