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Shane Jones - School of Hospitality & Horticultural Science

Embedding innovative spaces and practices into Durham College’s horticulture programs

Shane Jones, a DC faculty teaching in the School of Hospitality & Horticultural Science, embeds innovative teaching approaches into his programs to support his students and their career goals. Jones utilizes advanced technology, unique learning spaces, and helps to facilitate opportunities for his colleagues and students.

“We have a couple of new resources that have come online in the last little while including the interior hydroponic grow space, which is going to allow us to grow and show students how to manage an interior environment rather than just a greenhouse,” Jones says. According to Jones, many people are growing indoors without light and reusing existing spaces so this approach will prepare the students for the future. In addition to the hydroponic grow space, the new aquaponics will enable the program to produce consumable fish in conjunction with the produce.

The ability to deliver the program is enhanced through the connections with the Centre for Food and the other programs connected to it.

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Lindsay Morillo

This month’s Faculty Spotlight is Lindsey Morillo, who began his post-secondary education believing he would be doctor – only to discover a passion for numbers. He now teaches intermediate accounting and advanced financial reporting courses for the Centre of Part-Time and Professional Learning (PPL) at Durham College. 

Morillo says he began working at Durham College around 1997 after he became interested in a part-time position that would allow him to teach using his unique skillset. 

“I’m a certified general accountant, a certified chartered professional accountant, and a certified internal auditor and a certified fraud examiner. So, I've got a good background in forensic auditing and also in internal auditing,” says Morillo. 

Whether this means teaching another course or helping international students grasp complex subjects, despite a language gap, Morillo says he is always happy to help. 

“We have a lot of newcomers and English is a second language, which I try to help in a positive way,” he explains, adding that he urges everyone not to be overly critical and instead offer students encouragement to improve. 

Morillo says he presents most of his classes online because this provides the most flexibility for his students. The courses are available through OntarioLearn in partnership with other colleges such as DC, Seneca, and Centennial – all of whom host their courses using their own professors.  Courses are typically between 14-15 weeks in length but can vary.  

“Due to the flexible nature of online learning and the increased demand by students, I have been teaching mostly online since 2018,” says Morillo. “Although about 70% of my students are DC students, I have students from other colleges including Centennial, Niagara, St. Lawrence and others.” 

Morillo says his job teaching at the PPL offers a slightly different approach to education by making courses available to students and mature students on a timeline that works for them. This means if students need to take night classes or simply wish to upgrade their professional skills, the PPL and its staff make it possible.  

“We look for timeliness and customer service - and that's one of [our] key successes and also having the resources to deal with the demands,” says Morillo. “It's a way of organizing things for the students that would facilitate their success in their career objectives.”

Written By: Jacklynne Graves, Third Year , Journalism - Mass Media Student

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Join us in the Global Classroom (CFCE145) at the Centre for Collaborative Education on Thursday February 27, 2020 for an opportunity to network with your colleagues and learn new strategies that you can incorporate into your classrooms!

Keynote session:
The Self-Reg view of why so many college students are struggling, and what we can do to help
Dr. Stuart Shanker

Featured session:
5 reasons your students aren't showing up to class
Heather Harrison and Amy Roosenboom

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Photo of Durham College's Creativity Community of Practice
Written by Clayton Rhodes - School of Interdisciplinary Studies

In their book, Weaving Creativity Into Every Strand of Your Curriculum, Burnett and Figliotti (2015) maintain that curiosity is a key factor in stimulating creativity in the classroom:
“Curiosity cultivates intrinsic motivation – the internal motivation that simply comes with the joy and interest of the task rather than the external rewards (16)".

The authors provide a number of suggestions for encouraging curiosity in the classroom:

  1. Spend time asking open-ended questions, questions that do not have single answers
  2. Frequently ask your students what they are wondering about
  3. When students ask questions, don’t rush to give them “the answer.”  First ask, “What do you think?”
  4. Encourage your students to ask questions beyond their first “Why?
  5. Actively wonder about how your students perceive the world.  When you can tap into your students’ perspectives, you can understand them in a deeper way
  6. Be aware of the interests of your students and ask questions related to those interests 
  7. Acknowledge the curiosity and questioning of your students.  When a student asks an interesting question, say, “That’s a great question!”
  8. Avoid overstimulation.  Sometimes when we focus on simplicity, curiosity knocks (17-18) 


Burnett, C. & Figliotti, J. (2015). Weaving Creativity into Every Strand of Your Curriculum. Buffalo, NY: Knowinnovation.


How Collaboration and Innovation Has Changed the Journalism Program at DC

Photo of Durham College's Journalism - Mass Media Program Team

Written by Brian Legree - School of Media, Art & Design

Maybe you have wandered through The Pit and seen our shingle: ‘The Chronicle Newsroom’ and wondered, what – exactly - happens in there?

The Chronicle Newsroom is a working lab for the Journalism – Mass Media program.

What does that mean?

Since 2018, we have used the Chronicle Newsroom as a base to revamp our program delivery. In some cases, faculty members team-teach courses. We added a third year to our program and grew curriculum, including a course around reporting on Indigenous issues.

Our space functions as a classroom during mornings and then turns into a ‘newsroom’ the remainder of the time for students to chase and produce stories. Faculty are on hand full-time to coordinate coverage and edit student work face-to-face. The students know the deadline for their work is ‘now’, like it is in the actual news business.

It sounds relatively simple, but there are more layers to the story.

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As of the end of December 2020, Adobe will no longer support Flash. For more information please see the Adobe announcement (https://theblog.adobe.com/adobe-flash-update/). This means that any interactive objects developed in Flash will no longer work on all web browsers. Popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox have taken steps in preparation for this end-date by disabling Flash by default. This means that Flash will still run until end of 2020, but users will have to manually enable it through their browser settings.

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Riipen's course creation expert Nick Dolan will be holding webinars on a biweekly basis. If you want to learn how to utilize experiential learning in the classroom, head to Riipen and select your preferred date: http://riipen.hs-sites.com/weekly-webinar.

Experiential Learning in the Classroom with Riipen

Description: Riipen is a service and online platform that helps you connect to industry partners for in-class projects that match your students' learning outcomes. The webinars will include an introduction to Riipen, a walkthrough to get you started on the platform, and a question and answer period.

Times: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Feb. 6th and 20th, March 5th and 19th and will continue into 2020 on a bi-weekly basis.


The First Peoples Indigenous Centre in collaboration with many community partners have created a week of events for the REDress Campus Campaign to raise awareness and generate action. The campaign aims to raise awareness, generate conversation, inspire action and honour those who have been touched by the historic and ongoing crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People (MMIWG2S) in Canada. To get involved and learn more about the events, go to the Durham College REDress website. Click here to register for the REDress Campaign.
First Peoples Indigenous Centre REDress Campaign

First Peoples Indigenous Centre

The REDress Campus Campaign

The REDress Campus Campaign


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Teaching Squares

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  • Class visits: February 18 – March 17, 2020  

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Creativity Level 2 – Just confirmed!

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Higher Education in Transformation (HEIT) Symposium 2020

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Fall Faculty PD Day

  • Tentative: October 28, 2020

External (but relatively local) PD Opportunities

UDL for Higher Education (un)Conference at Mohawk College

  • April 30 to May 1, 2020

Advancing Learning Conference on Educational Technology at Seneca, King Campus

  • May 12 to 14, 2020

Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Ed (STLHE) Annual Conference in Ottawa

  • June 9 to 12, 2020

Conference on Education & Cognition at McMaster University

  • July 16 to 17, 2020

Curriculum Developer Affinity Group (CDAG) Annual Conference

  • Fall 2020

2020 Educating the Future: Learning Outcomes & Experiential Learning Symposium in Toronto

  • October 8 to 9, 2020
  • Call for proposals currently open with a deadline of March 9, 2020


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